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March 15th, 2009

DONATE to the Keys Foster Kids and help Howard become SIR HOWARD!!

Vote for me!! No, I have not lost my mind and getting into politics, this is a just for fun and just for the kids project. I have been asked to declare my candidacy as” Sir Howard, Knight Exemplar” on the Conch Republic Royal Family Court. All of this to raise money to support the Conch Republic Foster Children’s Fund and each dollar will be matched up to $15,000. So, with that said if you would like to support this great cause you can donate through our website at THIS link.   You can go to our merchandise pages, and click on 'misc.' where you can purchase a vote - or more than one vote.  Or you can vote directly through the Wesley House site at THIS link.   As they say in the Conch Republic, Vote Early - Vote Often!    The last day to vote is April 17th!!   Help me become SIR HOWARD!!

We will keep you updated on our progress. The winners will be announced April 18th.  Remember, every penny of every dollar is used for the Foster Kids in the Keys - not one penny is taken for administrative or any other reason.  AND every dollar will be matched!!  

Another way to vote for Howard.... for a limited time only - BUY HOWARD's TURQUOISE HAT!!  

We used to sell the turquoise hats that Howard wears when he performs.  We quit selling them about a year ago and recently the only way to get a turquoise hat was to wait until Howie had worn it a few times, Cyndy washed it, Howie signed it, and when the time was right he'd throw it from the stage to the crowd.   NOW... for a limited time we will sell the turquoise hat, new but autographed by Howard, for $100.   The full $100 will go to the Conch Republic Foster Children's Fund!   Details HERE




December 17th, 2017
KeysStrong Benefit concert, FREE, All day Noon-6pm, Howie takes the stage 3:00-3:45pm
Keys Love Festival~Keys Strong at KW Amphitheater
Key West, FL
Details >>>

January 5th, 2018
Join Howie & MM24 Band at Boondocks for a party Florida Keys style!
Boondocks (Reserve A Guaranteed Table) Jan 5
Ramrod Key, FL
Details >>>

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November 28th, 2017
11th Annual Meet Me In The Keys Registration Opens

September 15th, 2017
Hurricane Irma Cat 4 Comes To Shore At Mile Marker 24