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June 9th, 2010

Howard & Cyndy,
First of all, please accept our deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother.  We know you have many treasured memories and are grateful for the time you were able to spend with her before her passing. 
Secondly, we would like to thank you for the kindness you both showed to us at Margaritaville during the Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser held May 9th in Key West.  We are the couple from Indiana, S & T, who you were so gracious to be photographed with.  Plus it was wonderful of Cyndy to volunteer to take a pic of Steve and me together.  She's a doll!! 
We discovered your music listening online to US1 radio, found your website, and started buying your CD's from your site and on iTunes.  In 9 trips to the Keys we have always just missed a MM24 performance by just days as you would begin a tour up north.  So we were absolutely thrilled to finally catch a live performance in person.  However, whenever you have a show scheduled at a place with a live web cam, such as Sloppy Joe's, we have our own little Keys party, watching your show on the computer while enjoying some margaritas and wishing we were there. 
S has had a 10 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and couldn't have been more thrilled that you took the time between sets to stop by the table to see how he was enjoying the show.  He has a little bit of a hard time getting around and trying to find the words when he wants to speak, but wants you to know how much he appreciates your efforts to make sure we were having a great time, which we did. 
Again, thanks for the great time, have an awesome summer, and hope to see you on our next trip down.  The tides DO keep pulling us back.
S & T


February 18th, 2010

Received via email

Good Day!
My name is Amber S.   My family and I just spent a month in Key Largo and came across your music and I immediately fell in love with it.   I was sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand and your music in the background.   It brought tears to my eyes because it took me a place of happiness and peace.   The weather up here in Maryland is cold and snowy, but when I want to get back to the tropical breezes and back to that memorable moment on the beach, I put your music on and a smile comes back to my face.

I would love to spread your joyful, tropical music to others so they can have the "moment" I experienced.

Amber S
RHYC   Maryland


October 2nd, 2009

Received via email

I spend my winters on Little Torch Key and have been enjoying your music since you started singing in The Keys.  When I come back north for the summer to my home in Williamstown MA I am always playing your CD'S on my car radio so anyone who rides with me is able to hear your songs .
My great niece called me tonight to tell me that she heard "Howie on the radio on her school bus this morning singing the song about  bananas".  Thought you would like to know that even in this little town way up north they are playing your songs.
Looking forward to December when I can return to Little Torch and hear your songs in person.



September 12th, 2009

Via Email.....

Hi Howard,
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show in Atlantic City before th JB show. My wife and I have been Parrotheads since our teens and began listening to you a couple years ago. We love your music and even more, your attitude on life.

I've been a career firefighter for over 20 years and travel the country providing training to fire departments. Through it all you see a lot and sometimes need the time to put your mind in another place. Yesterday your music helped me do just that.

9/11 is always my worst day of the year and the memories of good friends lost and the sights we saw at Ground Zero bring on a flood of emotions. This year was no different, but with your music on the CD player and a few slow sips of some Don Julio Anejo the day was a bit more tolerable. Many of us appreciate the escape those like you and Jimmy provide us and I just wanted you to know that the effects of your work is far reaching. I hope to see you again and until the tides bring our paths together again, be well.
A.... H.....
Captain / Training Officer
Fire Dist.#9
New Jersey


May 10th, 2009

Received via My Space Message after announcing we were playing two benefits - one for KOA's Kare Kamp (camp for kids with cancer) and one for the Key West Boys & Girls Club.....

I knew there was a reason i liked you. Our baby girl died in '77 of Luekemia at age two. My Jim and I stayed very involved with the Chicago Ronald MacDonald House. I was on the board of directors and every year I would be a chaperone for at least 4 teen age girls to go to Orlando Disney World. . Now I was only 27 and they were VERY good at giving me the slip the go off and chase sailors. My feeling was GO FOR IT. But that grown up me kept telling me to hunt them down! I will never ever forget the time we all together went on the roller coaster. We had special privileges to be first in line and to not get off but go as often as we wanted! As the ride would start all the girls would whip thier wigs off of stuff them in thir laps so as not to lose them. God bless these girls. We stayed on the roller coaster 5 times. Then I insisted on the carosel for 5 times. Such happiness to remember the 5 young women who are no longer with us. So Bless you for raising funds for Cancer Camp!
SO, next time I am in Key West we can raise some hell and give a toast to these baby girls.   JK


April 10th, 2009

Via My Space:

Hey Howie,

It's truly sad...I've been a Parrothead all my life, I'm 42 years old, and only after my last trip to KW in March did I finally discover your band. 

First of all, thank you. Your music is terrific and the emotions and memories it evokes from every trip I've taken to KW are helping me deal with what has become a more depressing sense of withdrawal from leaving on each successive trip down.
I literally almost cried when I left this last ti me. 

A lot of people probably think this, but I know about myself that I'm truly one of those people who, with a different set of circumstances in life right now, would almost certainly be coming down to give this a whirl - if I were on my own, I can tell you it would be done deal right now. 

Anyway...although as I stated in a TripAdvisor post, I'm almost embarrassed to be "arriving so late to this MM24 party" - thank goodness I've finally discovered you guys. This kind of music will be filling a huge void in my soul for some time to come. I am going to try and see you in Atlantic City in August (we're in the DC area).

I'll be ordering a few CDs soon, as soon as my insane life gives me a window of time and extra $$$ to get it done!

Thanks again for some great music...you really do seem like an awfully lucky man. Good for you - and please, for everyone out there like me, savor every single second of it. I probably don't need to tell you that.

Best to you,



March 18th, 2009

Thank you for the wonderful picture, as all your emails do it makes us home sick for the Keys. I left Key West a little less than two years ago to support out men and women in uniform by becoming a teacher in the Department of Defense School System. We're now in Japan near the Yokosuka Navy Base (about 30 miles from Tokyo) and this summer will be moving to . . . . well we don't know that yet.  We'll be back home in Key West at some point when this round or travels are done and we love to be reminded of all the wonders of the islands.

Before we left we saw you one last time singing at Hogfish Bar & Grill but hope to be back to see you play many more times. Thanks for all the newsletters and know you have some fans on the flip side of the globe dreaming of drinks at sunset and kicking back on the kayak as it glides accross the flats -- just watching the reflections of the clouds drift past in the water.

In Japan we're about to enter the weeks of the "Sakura" (Cherry Blossom) season. Everone goes out and enjoys time under the trees with firends and a bottle of Sake or two or three. Even after the sun goes down and you can no longer see the blossomes the parties (called Hanami) keep on going. Be it a sunset or a cherry blossom I guess people around the world are alike in some ways . .. . . you just don't need a big excuse to have fun!

Your sunset is our sunrise so we know as we're getting up to go to work in the morning on the other side of the Earth in our little island home someone is just starting to have fun. Have a rum drink for us and we will have some Sake under the Cherry Blossoms in your honor.

Max & Diane


March 15th, 2009

Hey Howie, just wanted to let you know that we caught your concert on the Carnival Liberty on Mar 6th.  It was the BEST entertainment that we had on the entire cruise.  We live in KY but wife has a brother who lives in Orlando and he has also seen you perform.  We will try to get down to the Keys some time and catch you again.
Thanks again.



January 23rd, 2009

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks. My wife, Janie and I were able to attend the first of the Winter Concert Series in Key West at the San Carlos. A great night and as always... Huge amounts of fun!

Howard... didn't get a chance to tell you a story about 'Meet Me In The Keys' as you were pretty busy and I didn't want to steal your time away from others last night.

My wife and I are the typical Key West story - Chucked the corporate world in 2005 for a real life in the Keys... Now, I drive a Trolley and am a Key West tour guide while my wife manages a restaurant on Duval. In 27 years of marriage, we've never been happier. In September of '07, my wife had to return to Michigan to take care of her mother. I stayed to keep the home fires burning until she got back. A year later with her mother's situation resolved, she returned home. In any case, while she was gone, I was introduced to MM24 and sent her "Meet Me In The Keys". That song became 'our' song while she was away and it remains our favorite. When you play it on stage, she gets this smile on her face that just sums up our new life. I know you wrote it based on conjecture about a couple of musicians but I wanted to let you know that there's at least one couple (and probably many, many more) that it have lived a version of it. Thank you for all the fun but
most especially, thank you for her smile when you sing that song.

We'll be seeing you in the future.... Somewhere, sometime...



November 20th, 2008

received via email

 Hey Howard,

      I told you how I arrive in Key West on a small sail boat with nothing to eat, but now I will tell you how I found food where there wasn't any. The "Lucky Strike" and the "Lucky Too" at the turtle Kraals gave me their Dolphin bones, which with a spoon and 5 to 6 skeletons, I could scrape a pound of flesh. Coupled with half of stick of butter, a can of "Veg-all" and a pint of milk...I could make one fantastic sea food chowder to kill...all  costing about a dollar and it filled me up. I survived on this diet for quit sometime during my first summer in Key West. God bless the Keys, they help us live, no matter what. All you had to do is be a little flexible. I lived off of tropical fish, Lobster and Groupers for cash, mostly what I caught with my hands and a hand net. Life is as easy as you make it, or as hard as you let it be. You are my friend, You made it easy with a smile and a song, and folks respect that about you.
     You made it, and this is why folks follow you the way they do. We're all looking for a way to utopia, they work their butts off and still don't know where they need to be, and folks like us have been there and love what we have found. But you show them  the way with a song, and I just found it and keep going in my own direction. There is a lot of respect in the direction you took. It's all about following the flow of life and letting it take you to its destination, rather than you taking it to where you want to end up.
      You have a great team, so keep having all the fun the law will allow, and then some! We have one life to live and its all our own fault if we don't make the most of of what we have. It was cool hanging out with you & your team, see you next year.
Party hardy my friend!
Parrot Bill



September 14th, 2008

Howard -
Just read your piece from yesterday - brought a couple smiles to the face.  You may remember me - your "Wall Street banker friend" from Bally's a few weeks ago - with my posse including the "other Howard and Cyndi"...
With the stress on Wall Street today, your "smell of salt air, sound of the light breeze thru the palm fronds while the dogs jockey for footspace" was a welcome visual.  Gone are the days (for some time to come) where we have fun on the Street.  However I was way up on Georgian Bay (Ontario, Lake Huron) over the weekend playing Blame it on the Marguarita's for a whole new gang of MM24 heads - we held an "off site" up there for about 160 bankers - when I get the opportunity to get you guys within range for an offsite - you'll be the first to know.
In the meantime - enjoy the time at home again - have one for me.  I'll be back down in Jupiter at the Square Grouper soon.....
Sunny Skies, Gentle Breezes and Good Friends


August 28th, 2008

Received via email 

Howard Livingston
Jason Miller
Dave Herzog
Leigh Maples
Jimmy Handley

August 28, 2008

Dear Howard,
Once in awhile a group of people enter into your life and in a small way they make a difference. Sunday August 24 was a special day for both myself an my girlfriend. You see I had been planning on making her birthday extra special. Being that she had never been top a Jimmy Buffet concert I wanted her to know what it was like to be a "parrothead".

We arrived early like most concert goers and we began our day with a multitude of liquid medications and libations...From time to time I could hear her whisper, 'thank you so much, I am having a great time, this is the best birthday ever'!! But most of all she was very impressed at how down to earth the people were and especially your band. Howard, you took the time to greet us and say hello and it made us both feel welcomed, even more so for her. Ever single person in your staff was so hospitable. The Bikini Bar, the day your wonderful band made the trip to Atlantic City all worthwhile.

Thanks and best of luck in all of your career endeavors...You deserve the best!

See you in the Keys!!

Please forward this to the other members of the band as they were sensational!!


Joseph K.

Jessica J.


July 28th, 2008

Received via email

Dear Howard and the members of Mile Marker 24:

I received a call today from one of the wounded soldiers we gave your CD to last April when I was at Walter Reed Army medical Center. He LOVES your CD.  He lost both legs just above the knee and has had a hard time sleeping because of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He told me that when he wakes in the night from a bad dream of Iraq, he just puts your CD on, puts his head phones on and closes his eyes and with the soothing music he feel like he is on a beautiful beach.  It helps him escape from the terrible dreams he has about Iraq and what happened to him.  He said that he can then drift off to sleep and for the past few nights, he has listened to the music before he goes to sleep at night, closed his eyes and dreamed of being on a beach instead of being in Iraq.... He sleeps all night now with out waking in a cold sweat. 


You are all angles,,, you have helped this wounded soldier more than you will ever know thanks to your music, and your kindness of giving this wounded soldier the CD that helps him sleep.

Mrs. P.J. Sesker-Green
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Operation First Response


February 23rd, 2018
Join Howie, Rick & Tim at Boondocks for a party Florida Keys style!
Boondocks~Howie TRIO (ReserveTable) Feb 23
Ramrod Key, FL
Details >>>

February 25th, 2018
An awesome community fundraiser, everyone welcome!
HabitatHumanity Island Grass Music Fest Boondocks
Ramrod Key, FL
Details >>>

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